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A Day Spent Tea Picking

Kericho has a warm and temperate climate making it an ideal location for agriculture and in particular, the large scale cultivation of tea. Consequently, for our Personal Social Learning Day, tea picking seemed… Continue reading

Conflict in the Developing World and its Impact on Development

On Saturday 20th Feb 2016 Josh will be speaking at the London International Development Conference about ethnic conflict in Kenya and the links to development. In preparation for this talk, we have written a… Continue reading

Identifying the Gap

Balloon Kenya has been up until now the most significant and exciting business experience of my life. For the past few years I have considered myself an entrepreneur. This is despite not owning… Continue reading

Entrepreneurs won’t save the world, but entrepreneurship might.

Entrepreneurs won’t save the world, but entrepreneurship might. By Charlie Satow, Balloon Kenya 2014 Kericho Fellow. The entrepreneurial energy in a country like Kenya is overwhelming. You can illustrate it with stats: self-employment accounts… Continue reading

The Meaning of “Karibu”

Vendela Gambill, Kericho Fellow 2014 Uncertainty lingers behind the greeting “karibu”. Whether it is a greeting inflicting expectation or a genuine welcome to a country that has experienced a sensational amount of development… Continue reading

God’s Bathroom

Duncan Fogg, 2014 Kericho Fellow The local people here call Kericho ‘god’s bathroom’. It’s said with a mixture of humour and pride, but its truth rings true every afternoon when the beaming sun… Continue reading

Introducing the Kericho Fellows June 2014

Introducing the first ever 2014 Kericho fellows! They are an eclectic bunch of extremely bright, funny, passionate and ambitious individuals from the UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Norway, Netherlands, France, USA and Sweden. Oh – and… Continue reading

1 Year On Blog Series – Anna Rickman

When I look back over my year since Balloon Kenya I find it hard to see how I’ve fit it all in. It’s been a whirlwind, and I can see the influence of… Continue reading

1 Year On Blog Series – Pete Kotvis

After graduating from University with a degree in Psychology/Neuroscience, I quickly came to realize that I needed to leave academia and get my hands dirty. I wanted to break away from the traditional… Continue reading

The Invisible Hand of Development

     Our first attempts in Nakuru to get people speaking about problems that could be translated into simple business solutions failed to bring good results. Over the weekend we had another chance to… Continue reading