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The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Inside the mind of a Balloon Programme Coordinator

Joshua Zwetsloot spoke to John Ndehi, one of Balloon’s Programme Coordinators, based in Njoro, to find out about his story and how he came to join the Balloon Team. “Be unstoppable”. These were… Continue reading

Let’s Get Fruity! An interview with a Balloon ICS entrepreneur.

Whilst on their own Balloon ICS placement in Kericho, Kenya, one of our Volunteers met up with Gideon Mutai, a former Balloon Entrepreneur, to talk to him about his experience of the programme… Continue reading

Balloon Ventures: Reflections and Chill

And so the halfway point of the programme came around just as quickly as everyone had previously warned us, and before you know it we were all packed into matatus (public buses here)… Continue reading

I now partly understand the stuggles of woman in Kisii and it’s important to share these experiences – No sugar-coating!

“How’s Kisii Qiarna???”, “Kenya must be amazing!”,”OMG I bet your having the time of your life!!!!???” These are the questions I tend to see come through my WhatsApp from friends and hear via calls from… Continue reading

Man of The Year

I studied Business in college, I did a BTEC but I always felt that my heart wasn’t in it. I would plough through work as quickly as possible and in my study periods… Continue reading

77 Days in Kenya

My first ever debate was about whether charity could actually be justified. On the opposing side, 13 Year-Old me found this utterly shocking – how could giving money to help those in need… Continue reading

What does sustainability mean in the context of Kenya’s informal sector?

Following our debate on sustainability many volunteers were left questioning their own understanding of the word ‘sustainability’. The UK volunteers in particular found their westernised perspective of the term being questioned as they tried… Continue reading

A heated debate: Balloon ICS should only work with sustainable businesses

Curriculum Training brought up its fair share of interesting topics but this has to be the most controversial of them all. After three days of torrential rain the sun finally came out and… Continue reading

Curriculum Crazy!

As week one comes to an end our stories committee get the lowdown on how things are going so far here in Eldoret. From left to right – Christophe, Lillian, Dennis and Cat… Continue reading

Two weeks in Nakuru: What have we learnt so far?

Two weeks in Nakuru: What have we learnt so far? During training, we were told time and time again that our volunteering placement would fly by. But how quickly can three months spent… Continue reading