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Climbing out of the box

Written by Balloon Ghana Fellow Efua Mercer I have always been a little put off by the idea of being a business owner. I have instead opted for the path of the office… Continue reading

Another Day in the Life of….

Written by Balloon Ghana Fellow JJ Slater Trying, testing and validating The day starts (early) with Bennett.Bennett is a Biochemical Sciences student at the University of Cape Coast and is a passionate producer… Continue reading

A Day in the Life of the Fellows

Written by Balloon Ghana Fellows Efua and Laura 5 – 7am: 5am in Cape Coast and a few of the more energetic Fellows are following the Ghanaian example and starting their day early:… Continue reading

Let’s chop: Food and business in Ghana

Written by Balloon Ghana Fellow Efua Mercer “Nature gave us two cheeks instead of one to make it easier to eat hot food” – Old Ghanaian saying. Fellows eating the fruit of a cocoa… Continue reading

The story of Innocents

Written by Balloon Ghana Fellow Perdie Alder When we have a business idea, how often do we test the idea before jumping in and investing all our time / effort / resources into… Continue reading

A wise fellow said…

Katie Nicholas, Kericho 2014 Fellow A wise fellow said to me; “how surreal – two weeks ago we could never have envisioned ourselves teaching a group of entrepreneurs a two hour session about entrepreneurship”. He was… Continue reading

Introducing the Kericho Fellows June 2014

Introducing the first ever 2014 Kericho fellows! They are an eclectic bunch of extremely bright, funny, passionate and ambitious individuals from the UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Norway, Netherlands, France, USA and Sweden. Oh – and… Continue reading