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1 Year On Blog Series – Pete Kotvis

After graduating from University with a degree in Psychology/Neuroscience, I quickly came to realize that I needed to leave academia and get my hands dirty. I wanted to break away from the traditional… Continue reading

The Balloon Difference

I have learned more at Balloon Kenya’s training course in 2 weeks than I did in an entire Entrepreneurship module I took at the University of Exeter. To be fair, I learned a… Continue reading

The Phone Challenge

After our groups settle on a problem to tackle we ask them to go and do some interviews with potential customers to learn more about the problem. To help them with their interview… Continue reading

Problems are opportunities, or are they?

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. As well as a (very) busy schedule of classes, we’ve been working hard to clarify some of the less certain aspects of our model… Continue reading