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Think big, start small and start now

I had the idea but I didn’t know how to start – it seemed so difficult

Upon returning to Kericho to help a new group of aspiring entrepreneurs, the volunteers of Balloon Ventures took time to catch up with some of the entrepreneurs who were awarded funding in 2014.… Continue reading

“Balloon Ventures will make your hustle real”

 My name is Gideon and I joined Balloon Ventures in the year 2014 when they started their entrepreneurship programs here in Kericho. I can say I am more… Continue reading

If you want to help Africa, challenge your assumptions

Issac Asimov once said, “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” If it is not your desire to… Continue reading

Education and Youth Unemployment

Is better access to education (and better education) actually solving Kenya’s youth unemployment challenge? Meet Peter Keter, one of the entrepreneurs we are working with during our time here in Eldoret, Kenya. Peter… Continue reading

Learn – Create – Test

Learn – Create – Test. That is the Balloon mantra, taught to all fellows in the first week of the programme. The mantra was developed from a combination of Steve Blank’s work on… Continue reading

Dan on Eldoret

From beautiful surrounds, the energy of hundreds of fruit sellers chasing our matatu (taxi), and even the zebra’s and baboon’s hogging up the road – there was much to appreciate on our 8-hour… Continue reading

Richard on Balloon

My name is Richard and I am currently studying a BSc Joint Honors in International Development and Economics, at The University of Northampton. “In 2010 the University of Northampton set a strategic goal to… Continue reading

How a 6 week stint as an International Volunteer for Balloon Kenya ventures fuelled my Start-Up company

The Project Brief: We started off as a team of six International Volunteers from London, Australia and the Netherlands. We were then paired off and after a week’s training we were allocated five local Kenyan… Continue reading

‘We have set the bar high for the next group of volunteers..’

My journey started at the assessment where on the first day I had a formal one to one interview. Fresh from university, I had always been used to lectures and being a student… Continue reading