The Funding Question

Before leaving for Kenya, we sought guidance from just about anyone who was willing to listen to our story. So much of what we learnt in these conversations has already proved invaluable, but… Continue reading

Saturday Sessions – Part 1

On Saturday we facilitated our first 2 groups which was a fantastic feeling. It’s been about 7 months in the making so I was delighted. It feels like a huge step forward. The… Continue reading

10 Days In.

Some really good progress in the past few days. Firstly, we have partnered with a local Kenyan NGO called the Centre for Conflict Resolution Kenya (CCR). They are one of the most active… Continue reading

To Busia and Back

After only 2 days in Nakuru we got the bus on Friday evening to Busia to surprise my mum who is staying at the orphanage for 10 days that Kenya Works helps support.… Continue reading

First Impressions

So we arrived in Nairobi a few days ago and already it seems like so much has happened. Our first call was the NGO Bureau in Nairobi trying to register the charity in… Continue reading

Quick Update

This is just a quick blog to let you know what we’re up to. Next Tuesday (8th October) Doug and myself will be heading to Kenya for 8 weeks. We will be staying… Continue reading

Lakota Sioux

This was a story that I really liked that I recently read at the end of a book by M. Michalko called Thinkertoys (great book by the way.) I’m not sure how much… Continue reading

The Story of Africa

I was out having dinner last night when we got onto the topic of Kenya and my work there. I have recently made a sort of pamphlet detailing the story of an orphanage… Continue reading

To follow the money or not to follow the money…?

I found that as this project has progressed the most pressing questions that has emerged is money. Currently we don’t have much and obviously at some point we are going to need some.… Continue reading

To business plan or not to business plan…?

It’s interesting because a few years ago the first thing I would have assumed one does when setting up a company is write a businsess plan. But recently I’ve been hearing mutterings from… Continue reading