June 4th

Hi All, Just to let you know Doug and myself are off to Kenya on Friday for a week of making final arrangements. Then on June 4th our first cohort of 6 hugely… Continue reading

Balloon Kenya

Hello all, Apologies for the lack of blogs since we returned from Kenya. Things have been very busy and our blogging responsibilities have been forgotten somewhat… Anyway, you may notice that a few… Continue reading

“Don’t take a job… Make a job!”

On the day when the lastest unemployment figures were announced I just wanted to write a quick comment. As many of you know we have just returned from a very successful pilot in… Continue reading

Taking to the Field

Some things are easier said than done.  In fact most things probably are. I was reminded of this maxim last week as I ventured outside the comfort of our classroom and on to… Continue reading

Testing Assumptions

One of my favourite lessons so far was in Salgaa where Sparks Youth Group are developing the idea of a garbage collection and recycling business. The lesson certainly didn’t start well as most… Continue reading

The Phone Challenge

After our groups settle on a problem to tackle we ask them to go and do some interviews with potential customers to learn more about the problem. To help them with their interview… Continue reading

Problems are opportunities, or are they?

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. As well as a (very) busy schedule of classes, we’ve been working hard to clarify some of the less certain aspects of our model… Continue reading


Our friend from Chile – Sebastian Salinas – arrived in Kenya last Wednesday. He is the founder and director of Emprediem (www.emprediem.com) a Chilean company specialising in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation. Emprediem have… Continue reading

The Funding Question (Re-visited)

As predicted, our funding strategy looks to have changed again. Earlier this week we had a great meeting with a local youth group called Hope and Vision. In the seven years since their… Continue reading

Saturday Sessions – Part 2

Our second session was very different to the first. For a start we only had a tiny room. Also the session started with only about 10 people and ended with 25. It was… Continue reading