What problem are you really solving?

The importance of understanding your customer’s needs is something I go on about all the time. In fact, one of my favourite lines is: “tell me in one sentence what problem you are… Continue reading

The Hunt for Business Ideas

Interviewing for business problems in the market Observing and identifying problems in the local community as a basis for potential business opportunities initially seemed like a simple concept that could be easily translated… Continue reading

Meet the Fellows

This blog is well overdue, but better late than never! Here’s a quick introduction to the amazing young people working with us in Kenya. Trekking in Hell’s Gate National Park      … Continue reading

Teaching Challenges

We are now a month into working with the youth groups and I have started to notice a few common challenges occurring with the way we teach. The Balloon curriculum is very well… Continue reading

Hope and Vision

A very brief introduction to one of our partner organisations, Hope and Vision, who were recently awarded Best Youth Co-operative in Kenya. Not bad eh?! The audio is a bit muffled so we’ve… Continue reading

Disability Not Inability

For the last three weeks we have been working with various youth groups in Nakuru. One of the groups that I am working with is Nakuru Youth with Disability. We have two sessions… Continue reading

A Rural Retreat

See what happened when the Fellows spent a weekend in rural Kapkures.

The Balloon Difference

I have learned more at Balloon Kenya’s training course in 2 weeks than I did in an entire Entrepreneurship module I took at the University of Exeter. To be fair, I learned a… Continue reading

Day 1

Our 1st attempt at making a video. Please be nice! More to follow…

Balloon Kenya is go!

We have arrived in Nakuru and are making final arrangements for the first ever group of Balloon Fellows to arrive on Sunday. We had a very exciting meeting yesterday with Hope and Vision… Continue reading