The Invisible Hand of Development

     Our first attempts in Nakuru to get people speaking about problems that could be translated into simple business solutions failed to bring good results. Over the weekend we had another chance to… Continue reading

Meet the Fellows

From Left to Right.                                                          … Continue reading

Learning from uncertainty

Uncertainty is a large part of the journey towards a business idea, and the importance of the concept has been emphasized throughout our first two weeks in Kenya. As a case in point,… Continue reading

“Who speaks for the trees?”

After doing my initial research on the Balloon Kenya programme I was still a little unsure what to expect from the first two weeks of teaching. We are now ten days in, and… Continue reading

From theory to practice – my first time in Africa

Landing in Africa for the very first time after 3 years of writing, discussing and arguing about international development is interesting but challenging at the same time. Before I enrolled at university, I… Continue reading

The Balloon Fund

So after 8 weeks, 130 lessons, 300+ hours of teaching and countless interviews, prototypes and observations, the Kenyan youth groups arrived at the offices of Hope and Vision to present their business ideas… Continue reading

How do you know you have a good business idea?

I’ve been working with Nakuru Youth with Disability in Action for over a month now. Based in Mwonga, a rural residential suburb of Nakuru, the group has decided to start a Computer College… Continue reading

Songa Mbele – Business Testing

Water Kiosk: Today I went to Kaptembwo, a slum settlement on the outskirts of Nakuru, with one of my group members from Songa Mbele to investigate the availability of water in the area.… Continue reading

When your group cannot pitch for funding…

As we are closing in on the presentation date, us Balloon Fellows are having to spend more time with our groups to ensure they are ready for their funding presentation. With many of… Continue reading

Knowing your group

  Having only 8 weeks in Kenya it’s sometimes hard to gain a good understanding of the Kenyan groups that we work with. It might seem peripheral but understanding what activities are already… Continue reading