My thoughts on Balloon Kenya

The next few blogs are going to come from one of our Alumni – Anna Rickman, who was on our 2nd programme in 2012. Anna has very kindly written some thoughts on the… Continue reading

Quick Roundup

Our second programme finished last week and everyone has returned home safely. The programme was another great success and it feels like we are building great momentum. I hope the 10 Fellows had… Continue reading

An Island of Assets

At the start of the programme in our very first sessions with the groups we did the Island Challenge borrowed from the people at Up Your Creative Genius.  A typical Island Challenge would… Continue reading

The Hidden Border of Culture

On this programme we have people from the UK, the US, Israel and myself from India. This has been both a challenge and a learning opportunity with so many people from different backgrounds… Continue reading

The Limits of Knowing

Knowledge puffs up but love edifies! If anyone thinks they know something they know nothing! The balloon Kenya experience has so far been an amazing one! It has been so great experiencing the… Continue reading

Being Understood!

Having entered the final two weeks in Kenya I wanted to write about some of the challenges that I’ve experienced in the “classrooms”. The first has to do with the way I speak.… Continue reading

Financial vs. Emotional Support

The first day of teaching four weeks ago filled me with nerves but being met by a sea of smiling faces from my first group – Baharini Youth – immediately put me at… Continue reading

The Youth Groups

We are now half way through our second programme in Nakuru and this time around we are lucky to be working with 21 fantastic, if at times challenging, Youth Groups. Youth Groups are groups of… Continue reading

The Art Of Being Visual

At the beginning of our Balloon Kenya adventure the group completed an intensive, two-week training course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During this period we encountered an array of exercises, theorists and entrepreneurs, not… Continue reading

“Oh The Places You Will Go!” – What Makes A Classroom?

The first week of teaching was a blur of matatus, tuk tuks and introductions meeting our Youth Groups for the first time. But what became apparent was the “classrooms” or lack of, as… Continue reading