If it ain’t broke…..

During our short stay in Lalwet last weekend, one of the most interesting conversations I had was with my host father. He not only kindly opened up his home to us, but also… Continue reading

New Perspectives on My Hometown

On the 22nd of June, I was full of mixed emotions. I was feeling very anxious and nervous at one moment and the next I was suddenly feeling excited and motivated. After months… Continue reading

What Entrepreneurs And Children Have In Common

To get us up to speed, Doug and Josh have devoted the week to giving us a crash course in the latest entrepreneurial thinking. It’s hard to summarise the string of new concepts… Continue reading

Kiran’s blog

Made it to Nakuru in one piece after an arduous 27 hour journey from London! Dazed and excitable we jumped into a tuk-tuk to complete the final leg of our journey to home… Continue reading

Introducing the Fellows

Back in Nakuru with the first set of 2013 Fellows! They are all excited and keen to get their hands stuck in. Here is what they said about one another! Shivani on Apolinar… … Continue reading

Hope and Vision

We’d just like to draw attention to our wonderful local partner organisation Hope and Vision who recruit the Kenyan entrepreneurs and manage the loan fund. They are a very inspirational group of young… Continue reading

A New Collateral (Final Guest Blog)

‘Fine, hypothetically our group of widows can solve “illness” as a group, but will it make money? I posed the question. ‘Will people pay for it?’ ‘Yes’ was the answer… I was looking… Continue reading

Teaching Note: Create Empathy with your Students (guest blog 4)

Another insight I gained from working with Ujirani brought me closer to understanding some of those other ‘problems’ I had identified on my first few adventures round Nakuru, those of market saturation and… Continue reading

Reframing the Question (guest blog 3)

Further enlightenment came from various conversations I had with Freddie from my Mabadiliko group. A problem faced by young men like himself from Ponda Mali was the prejudice they experienced being from a… Continue reading

The Problem with business problems (Guest post 2)

In the search for a commercially successful new business, we started by getting the Kenyan groups to identify appropriate business problems. These are problems for which a solution is: desirable feasible viable The… Continue reading