Challenging the ‘copycat’ culture

Four weeks in, the greatest challenge I have been faced with is the instinctual copycat tendencies exhibited by many Kenyan entrepreneurs. Throughout Nakuru there is an abundance of identical businesses in direct competition… Continue reading

Playing Politics

Since arriving in Nakuru, hardly a day has passed without reference to politics; Kenyans seem to discuss it with a level of zeal reserved in Britain exclusively for the weather. Hailing from the… Continue reading

Just do it – If you dream it, you can achieve it

This has definitely been one of the most exciting and rewarding weeks so far. Groups have transitioned from being introduced to business tools and concepts in classes, to actively testing business ideas on… Continue reading

One Size Does Not Fit All

Having just started our second week of teaching I was still dubious as to whether a classroom based learning approach was really the best way of nurturing entrepreneurship in a country where less… Continue reading

Facilitate to Innovate

My time in Kenya so far has been an intense learning process – both in the classroom for the first few days, and then working with our groups of entrepreneurs. I’ve gained insights… Continue reading

Getting to Know the Market

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with a group called Technology Village in a Western area of Nakuru called Kaptembwa. While Kaptembwa is not exactly the Silicon… Continue reading

Learning to be a Facilitator

The second week of Balloon Kenya has been an eye opening experience.  In my life I have never thought that I would be a facilitator because it’s a profession that requires a lot of understanding and passion. … Continue reading

Customer development

One particular section I found inspiring during the first week of the Balloon Kenya programme was called “Customer Development”. This section focused on the importance of collating evidence based research when developing a… Continue reading

Great Expectations

Having returned from our weekend in Lalwet we were all pretty exhausted to say the least, but by Monday afternoon we were back to the task in hand and preparing for our first… Continue reading

Kenya is a Surprise!

Kenya has been a surprise, but that’s partly because I had no clear idea of what awaited me. I suppose I expected it to be less developed, less vibrant and less hopeful than… Continue reading