Back to Kenya

The last time I graced East African soils was in February of 2008, a time where the entire political landscape of Kenya was marred by uncertainty, corruption and fear. Scarily believable allegations of… Continue reading

Damage Control

When I received the news that I had been accepted onto Balloon Kenya, after my initial glee, my first thought was “Oh no, what if I can’t do this?” This wasn’t, you understand,… Continue reading

Memoirs of a mzungu.

Two acronyms have dominated our first week here in Nakuru. TIA and OIK. “This Is Africa” and “Only In Kenya” have worked well for us to laugh off awkward situations, explain the seemingly… Continue reading

Testing – The First Small Step from Idea to Reality

Testing is one of the most important aspects of a business start-up. Using my experience from Kenya, I have written this blog to show testing is easier than it may seem, and how… Continue reading

Introducing the August 2013 Fellows!

Despite the Jomo Kenyatta fire, which meant delayed flights, an exhausting 15 hour bus journey from Uganda and a fair amount of confusion, our second lot of 2013 Fellows finally made it to… Continue reading

(Un)Finished Business

Our work in Nakuru has ended now, at least formally. But I believe the work has just begun. We only started spinning the gears aiming to move a bigger machine. Although we officially… Continue reading

Balloon Kenya Experience

My six weeks in Kenya have flown by. I’m sad to be leaving but am optimistic of the future of the Kenyan Entrepreneurs I worked with and am looking forward to returning and… Continue reading

When Business Strategies met International Development

Having spent almost six weeks in Kenya, while focussing on business development and improving our entrepreneurial skills, we’re starting to understand the Kenyan culture and build close relationships with the local people. Being… Continue reading

The Kenyan Touch: Warmth, Passion and Resilience

Being in a continent that has often been painted in the most negative picture possible by the outside world, Kenya has had its share of tumultuous times combating civil wars, rife corruption and… Continue reading

Culture Shock

After studying various modules on cultural differences between countries, I was interested to see how Kenya would compare to the UK. The first obvious difference is the huge bargaining culture throughout Kenya where… Continue reading