Was it worth it?

As the end of my time in Kenya was fast approaching, I began to think about whether my coming to Kenya was worth it… but for the Kenyan entrepreneurs. I have enjoyed meeting… Continue reading

Finding Warmth, Humor, and the Courage to be Vulnerable

It’s been almost six weeks since my fairly traumatic plane ride to Kenya (turbulence is no joke), and my Balloon Kenya experience so far has varied from good, to bad, to ridiculous. But… Continue reading

The Street Kids of Nakuru!

Having spoken to many of the street children (also known as ‘street kids’) over the past few weeks, I have been taken-a-back by their over-whelming desire to go to school. They tell me… Continue reading

My Kenyan Experience

The sun has gone down in Nakuru, and the noise of aerobic classes echoes around the centre part of town. I have spent most of my day going through documents needed for pitching… Continue reading

Sunrise to Sunset

Some of you may have heard of the fire that took hold of Nairobi airport on Wednesday the 7th of August 2013. For us fellows travelling on the 9th, this was an absolute… Continue reading

What does “security” mean in Kenya?

Security is a relative concept that can mean different things to different people. As part of my PhD research about human rights and organised crime in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I spent the… Continue reading

Journey With Nakuru AllStars

My journey with Nakuru Allstars started with a Google search of ‘Nakuru Football Club’ which resulted in Nakuru Allstars’ appearing at the top of the search. Upon clicking the link I found that… Continue reading

Encouraging Organic Growth

Let me introduce you to Peter. Peter is a young Kenyan in his early 20s who has a very small business transporting people to their required destinations via his colourful bicycle taxi 6… Continue reading

Balloon Kenya AllStars

Upon arriving in Nakuru, one Balloon Kenya fellow (Dan Garlick) contacted the local football team (Nakuru AllStars, a second division Kenyan team), to enquire if we could watch them train or play a… Continue reading


Many times when we receive news that we are expecting guests, we worry about time, finances or convenience. In our busy lives, visitors can sometimes be an inconvenience or a financial challenge, as… Continue reading