A wise fellow said…

Katie Nicholas, Kericho 2014 Fellow A wise fellow said to me; “how surreal – two weeks ago we could never have envisioned ourselves teaching a group of entrepreneurs a two hour session about entrepreneurship”. He was… Continue reading

Balloon Kenya Week 1: Charlie Speaks

Balloon Kenya, or ‘doing’ Complexity Economics  Charlie Satow, 2014 Kericho Fellow When you live in a big city, you often get to know the geography of different ‘islands’ within it without being able… Continue reading

Introducing the Kericho Fellows June 2014

Introducing the first ever 2014 Kericho fellows! They are an eclectic bunch of extremely bright, funny, passionate and ambitious individuals from the UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Norway, Netherlands, France, USA and Sweden. Oh – and… Continue reading

Learning From The Market

One thing I can say about the Master Trainers Program is that it turned out far much better than I actually expected. I remember when we went through the training, all I could… Continue reading

When it works well!

I think the best way to explain why we do what we do is through a little story. I was lucky enough to go back to Kenya this January for our Master Trainer… Continue reading


I flew into Kenya with a lot of assumptions. Some have held, but mostly they fell away as soon as I stopped to chat to a local. In the media, Kenya is portrayed… Continue reading

Case Study – Macdidan

Macdidan works on Hope and Vision Alley. Like many others, he is a second hand shoe seller. He once studied and worked as a welder, but selling second hand shoes provided him with… Continue reading

Case Study – Rebirth Youth Group

When we met Rebirth, they had jobs ranging from railway track engineer to dairy farmer. They came together with the vision of starting a business to bring coffee to the low and middle… Continue reading

A New Way of Learning

Its only two weeks into the Balloon Kenya program and it has already been an amazing experience!  I’ve made some awesome friends with the other Fellows and Kiran and Doug, the program coordinators,… Continue reading

1 Year On Blog Series – Anna Rickman

When I look back over my year since Balloon Kenya I find it hard to see how I’ve fit it all in. It’s been a whirlwind, and I can see the influence of… Continue reading