Every bird flies with its own wings

By Marianne Foskett, Nakuru 2014 Summer Programme Fellow “Every bird flies with its own wings”… …so the Swahili proverb goes. Words of wisdom established by ancestors and passed down through generations of friends… Continue reading

A day in the life of a Programme Manager

Andrea Gamson, Kericho Programme Manager, 2014 7am. Alarm goes off. 7:30am. Second alarm goes off. I go to the bathroom, return to bed. 7.34am. Phone starts vibrating. This usually happens when one of the… Continue reading

Business in the Kalenjin Community: An Entrepreneur Speaks

Benard Keter, Balloon Kenya Entrepreneur, Kericho 2014 Summer Programme Photographs by Lisa Freiburg (c) There is a general misconception that the success or failure of a business is determined by the entrepreneur’s culture… Continue reading

Of Bustling Streets and Avocado

By Wahito Kangere, Nakuru Fellow 2014 Nakuru is said to be the fastest growing town in Africa. I’m here on a six weeks summer fellowship and three weeks have gone by since we… Continue reading

“Talking to people about tea.”

Charlie Satow, Kericho Fellow 2014 “Talking to people about tea.” … is the answer I have given every working day for the last week to the question, “What have you been up to… Continue reading

A day in the life of Kericho Town

Katrina Kilkenny, Kericho Fellow 2014 The first rays of sunshine cast a glow upon a maze of tea leaves in Kericho, a town located in the highlands west of Kenya’s Rift Valley. This… Continue reading

Hanson Devil: Overqualified but always smiling

Written by Lisa Freiburg, 2014 Kericho Fellow    Hanson Devil : Photograph by Lisa Freiburg (c) Every morning when we get ready for our day and we make our way to breakfast, we are greeted… Continue reading

God’s Bathroom

Duncan Fogg, 2014 Kericho Fellow The local people here call Kericho ‘god’s bathroom’. It’s said with a mixture of humour and pride, but its truth rings true every afternoon when the beaming sun… Continue reading

Introducing the Nakuru Fellows June 2014

It’s been two and a half weeks on the Balloon Kenya programme here in Nakuru. Here’s a short introduction to the fellows.    

My first time in a developing country

Pereception Vs Reality Daniel Weber – Kericho Fellow 2014 Having never been before in a developing country, I had many expectations – as well as mixed feelings – about coming to Kenya. I’d… Continue reading