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You are not expecting me to tell you that I finally made it to Balloon! Yes I did and that’s why you are reading this!

When I was a kid, a young Kaberia I used to cry for balloons to play with would inflate them and would like to see them expand and burst out; no event ever… Continue reading

The Balloon poem series – Balloons are rising

The first in our series of Balloon poems. Eldoret Team Leader, Samuel Black, kicks things off with Balloons are Rising. Released from fields and urban scenes Balloons are rising, streams of teams Divergent… Continue reading

Meet Publius Feena Momanyi

Meet Publius Feena Momanyi, in person polite and softly spoken but delve beneath the surface, a man deeply passionate about improving the status of youth employment in Kenya through organic agriculture and with… Continue reading

This Business of Education

On Balloon ICSe we are taught to see opportunity in everything. We are taught that the greatest business opportunities are to be found in applying creative thinking to existing problems, and coming up… Continue reading

Meet Kenneth Ochieng Wanga, aka “the Governor”

Kenneth Ochieng Wanga is a 21 year old ‘Change-minded’ youth, hailing from Kisumu via Nairobi. He has been nicknamed ‘The Governor’ by the Eldoret Team due to his knowledge and passion for Kenyan… Continue reading

Hatching a plan – The journey of Grace, an entrepreneur on the Balloon programme

Grace is a young mother living out of Kanu Street on the outskirts of Nakuru town. She worked as a merchandiser for an ice cream company although this was not enough to sustain… Continue reading

Experience Like No Other, Balloon Kenya hurrah!

How well can I capture all the changes which have really occurred in me and are still occurring on me since I joined the Balloon Kenya family? walking down the memory lane, did… Continue reading

How to Hear What You Want and How to Hear What You Need

The process termed “Market Research” was coined by Daniel Starch in the 1920’s. All successful business go out and pitch their idea to potential customers before starting up, don’t they? The task: In… Continue reading

The Single Story

Think big, start small and start now

I had the idea but I didn’t know how to start – it seemed so difficult

Upon returning to Kericho to help a new group of aspiring entrepreneurs, the volunteers of Balloon Ventures took time to catch up with some of the entrepreneurs who were awarded funding in 2014.… Continue reading