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Why don’t you like me?

From the off you want your entrepreneurs to like you. You are in a new country on a new programme working with new people. The initial goal is to get along with everyone,… Continue reading

Conflict in the Developing World and its Impact on Development

On Saturday 20th Feb 2016 Josh will be speaking at the London International Development Conference about ethnic conflict in Kenya and the links to development. In preparation for this talk, we have written a… Continue reading

The Business of Sustainability

If you regularly read the Balloon Blog (and I recommend that you do!), you may remember a post about an inspiring woman called Metrine Akinyi who set up the first school in her… Continue reading

“Challenge yourself to change your world” – It might sound cheesy but that’s exactly what it’s all about and it’s all worth it.

I’d done a lot of smaller charity projects before, but Balloon offered such a wide range of experience and the chance to take on total responsibility.  I wanted to take real action and… Continue reading

Interview with Sophia from Nakuru!

“Sophia is an expert dress maker. After working as a machinist at a local clothing manufacturer she decided she wanted to use her skills for her own gaib and start a tailoring shop.… Continue reading

Let me present to you a young lady from Uganda who never thought in life she could own her own business. This is how she tells her story…

My name is Namono Helen; I am married with two children. I was once living in Tororo a far district from Mbale town. I used to plait my aunt’s hair on a small… Continue reading

“She’s an amazing entrepreneur and I’m lucky to have met her!”

On meeting entrepreneur Jacky, she was (and still is) a softly spoken, unassuming and pleasant woman who regularly delivered 10-15 home-cooked lunches to shop vendors. Her lunch-delivery service was new, but the one… Continue reading

A Day In The Life…

In my group there is Albert (In Country Volunteer), Hayley (UK Volunteer) and myself (Jonathan, UK Volunteer).   We have been working with five entrepreneurs for the past few weeks and I would like… Continue reading

This was the business idea from heaven!

“So Hellen, you’re a primary school teacher; what days will be good for us to meet?” “Only on the weekends.” “Right… and how far away do you live?” “About one and a half… Continue reading


Jikakamue is a Swahili word urging one not to give up, and to keep going. My name is Emmanuel Kiptum, a shoe shiner in Eldoret town. Despite facing the daily challenges of running… Continue reading