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Innovation: Lost in time

Innovation: Lost in Time Written by Duncan Fogg, Summer 2014 Kericho Fellow We have been surrounded in recent years by futuristic technology. Our world around us has been flipped forward: social media, 3D… Continue reading

Entrepreneurs won’t save the world, but entrepreneurship might.

Entrepreneurs won’t save the world, but entrepreneurship might. By Charlie Satow, Balloon Kenya 2014 Kericho Fellow. The entrepreneurial energy in a country like Kenya is overwhelming. You can illustrate it with stats: self-employment accounts… Continue reading

Crunch time aka pitching week

By Daniel Weber, 2014 Balloon Kenya Kericho Fellow Hello, it’s me, pitching week. I’m the goal you’ve all been working for. You need to get all the pieces together to create a compelling case… Continue reading

The Meaning of “Karibu”

Vendela Gambill, Kericho Fellow 2014 Uncertainty lingers behind the greeting “karibu”. Whether it is a greeting inflicting expectation or a genuine welcome to a country that has experienced a sensational amount of development… Continue reading

Learning by Doing: is education policy getting it right?

Lisa Freiburg, Kericho 2014 Fellow Back at my usual job in Germany in the international education policy sector, I spend most of my days behind a screen reading, writing and talking about the… Continue reading

The Bernard Challenge: a carwash with no water

By Marthe-Christine Dorum Embretsen, Kericho Fellow 2014 Outlining the main problems Since 2011 Bernard has been running Roben Carwash at Kericho’s Green Stadium. During our first meetings with Bernard we discovered that his… Continue reading

Every bird flies with its own wings

By Marianne Foskett, Nakuru 2014 Summer Programme Fellow “Every bird flies with its own wings”… …so the Swahili proverb goes. Words of wisdom established by ancestors and passed down through generations of friends… Continue reading

A day in the life of a Programme Manager

Andrea Gamson, Kericho Programme Manager, 2014 7am. Alarm goes off. 7:30am. Second alarm goes off. I go to the bathroom, return to bed. 7.34am. Phone starts vibrating. This usually happens when one of the… Continue reading

Business in the Kalenjin Community: An Entrepreneur Speaks

Benard Keter, Balloon Kenya Entrepreneur, Kericho 2014 Summer Programme Photographs by Lisa Freiburg (c) There is a general misconception that the success or failure of a business is determined by the entrepreneur’s culture… Continue reading