He Built it in a Weekend!

This is Fred – one of our entrepreneurs here in Eldoret. When we first met him, he was with a group of fellow entrepreneurs who all wanted to start a general store. The idea seemed to lack any sort of creative variability – initially troubling for those of us tasked with supporting him. However, Fred is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have ever met. No task is too big for him.

It turned out that the area Fred had in mind was a textbook example of a perfect strategic location – rural and with no existing stores to compete with…

4 weeks in and Fred has started a general store. He built it in a weekend. The rear wall is made of an old barn door and the building’s entrance is 3ft high. However, with some well stocked shelves, it’s already starting to look like a pretty serious business. Add a few layers of paint and we feel confident that it will look good enough to be considered serious competition for Nakumatt!

Since opening, the shop has done extremely well showing that Fred’s idea was in fact an entirely rational and innovative one. It seems that first impressions can be misleading.

Using the Balloon curriculum as a guide, we have supported Fred’s commitment and drive to rapidly and successfully transition his general store dream to a tangible money-making business. We have every confidence in the future success of Fred’s shop. Good luck Fred.

Mungo and Fred 2


Mungo Elms, ICS Volunteer Eldoret 2015