Balloon Ghana January 2016

balloon ghanaToday we are excited to announce that in January 2016 Balloon Ghana will be launching in Cape Coast. (Download Application Form)

Since founding Balloon Kenya in 2012 it’s been an amazing journey. We’ve worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs, invested £108,000 in local enterprises and created 100’s of jobs. Opportunities really are being created sustainably through business, not aid.

Entrepreneurs like Benedett Opodo who we supported in Eldoret in January 2015 have excelled since working with Balloon. As Benedet says:

“I was just selling vegetables and nothing else. The Balloon volunteers taught me a lot – how to make records of my earnings and plan, how to maintain and display my stock and, importantly, how to get more customers and earn more.”

The statistics speak for themselves: Benedict’s shop is now earning twice as much per day as it used to. This combined with the 28,000 Shilling loan (£172) we offered has enabled her to branch into more costly goods, such as tomatoes and fish, which earn her a higher profit.

In the next two years, Benedict wants to open a big shop in her area where she’ll employ and empower local women.

“Balloon has empowered me a lot and I’ve spread the message to other business women, teaching them how to keep records and manage their own businesses.”

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Balloon now works in 5 locations in Kenya and in April 2015 we launched our first programme in Uganda, working in Mbale.

With such great success, it seems there’s no time like the present for further expansion.

But why Ghana?

Well Ghana boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. However, like Kenya, it has a huge youth population, many of whom are unemployed. And as in Kenya this drives a vibrant informal sector with huge potential for growth and innovation (our focus!).

In Ghana we are excited to be partnering with MDF Training & Consultancy, a global training and consultancy agency with a branch for West-Africa in Accra, Ghana. Working with exceptional local partners will allow the programme to have maximum impact from the very beginning. This partnership came about through Lisa Freiburg, a 2014 Balloon Fellow, who is now working for MDF in Ghana.

We are delighted that Lisa herself will be co-ordinating our first programme!

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Balloon Ghana will be based in Cape Coast, a fishing town of 160,000 people. It is popular with tourists, is home to a young, vibrant and diverse population and has a big university (University of Cape Coast), a polytechnic, and several colleges. 68.4% of the working population work in the informal sector. Furthermore, more than 60% of males and females under 30 are unemployed.

It is also one of the most culturally significant spots in Ghana. A former colonial capital, it was once the largest slave-trading centre in West Africa. Today, Cape Coast is an easy-going fishing town with a young, cultured vibe. Old colonial buildings form part of the city’s landscape. Cape Coast is near several other interesting sightseeing spots, including Kakum National Park and Elmina Castle and it is only a 2-hour drive from the country’s capital Accra.

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Programme Outline

While in Ghana, Fellows will be working with local entrepreneurs to grow current businesses or to establish new ones.

  • In week 1 you will receive in-country training delivered by Balloon Co-founder Josh Bicknell. This will give you the necessary mindset and tools to deliver high impact support
  • In week 2 you will meet your team of 4 entrepreneurs and start working to understand their businesses and ideas
  • In week 3-5 you will work intensively with your entrepreneurs developing and testing business ideas to find out what customers really want
  • In week 6 you will prepare your entrepreneurs for the final pitch day which happens on the last Friday of the programme where they present their ideas to win micro-grant funding from Balloon and MDF

Programme Fee

Balloon Ghana will run from January 9th – February 21st. The full programme fee is £1995. This covers:

  • 5 days of enterprise training from Balloon Ventures CEO and Co-founder Joshua Bicknell
  • £250 per Fellow invested into your entrepreneur businesses
  • Accommodation
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • All programme costs, incl. training, transport & resources
  • Travel & medical insurance (incl. £300 contents cover)
  • 24/7 support from highly skilled UK and Ghanaian staff
  • Transport to and from the airport

Programme cost does not include flights, vaccinations or visas.

Apply now

This is your chance to launch Balloon in a new country and pioneer a new model of global development.

To apply please download and complete the application form here:

A limited number of partial scholarships are also available for outstanding candidates

For further information, please email and we’ll arrange to time to explain more.

See you in Ghana!!

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