Balloon Poems – The Ladder of Change

She is a city that resembles a short lady

With a beautiful smile,dimples, energetic and a lass full of life, I call her Nakuru.


Smiles of women, men and children shine brightly by the mention of us,

Some call us teacher others call us Mwalimu but many like it when they call us Balloon,

A team of “ladders” helping the many men and women here reach their goals,

Step by step and hand in hand through the program

We help them learn,

BMC helps them grow, to them its “Scotty emulsion”

Yearning for more, to learn and most of all some don’t want us to go,

But ten weeks of learning, teaching and interacting makes them better and stronger to face

The sharks,

A sea full of them ready to bite not to eat but ironically feed with intellectual and

Financial growth,

Now its time, time to go back home not as we came but this time different, completely


Indeed Balloon we challenge ourselves to change the world.

By Kakoi Matheka, Balloon ICS Kenyan volunteer, Nakuru