A wise fellow said…

Katie Nicholas, Kericho 2014 Fellow

A wise fellow said to me; “how surreal – two weeks ago we could never have envisioned ourselves teaching a group of entrepreneurs a two hour session about entrepreneurship”.


He was right.

These past couple of weeks have been some of the most intense of my life but undoubtedly two of the most incredible.

I’ve been astounded by the number of meal combinations you can have with just rice, beans and lentils – and I have met some of the most amazing and inspiring people I believe this world has to offer; all of which have contributed to making this experience already unforgettable. I still can’t believe that I am actually here in this incredible place.


When I first arrived in Kericho, I had no idea what to expect. My first concern was that I was going to hate my roommates, but fortunately for me, they’re nicer than they look.

I was also worried that I was not going to settle into the lifestyle, or not be in a position to be able to teach these entrepreneurs something worth knowing.

The friendliness of the locals and the way the fellows have strangely all ‘clicked’ together as a whole group has played a massive part in me feeling right at home straight away.

As well as all that great stuff – the training programme has really astounded me. It has made me challenge my pre-conceptions that you cannot teach entrepreneurship, as what I’ve learned is that the foundations of it – innovation, creativity and determination – don’t just come from within. You can help bring out these characteristics within people.

Seeing the excitement of the entrepreneurs as they come up with new ideas is priceless.


These first two weeks have flown by and it already scares me that I only have four weeks ahead of me. I just need to remember that I must to embrace every second of it as I know things are only going to get faster.