Was it worth it?

As the end of my time in Kenya was fast approaching, I began to think about whether my coming to Kenya was worth it… but for the Kenyan entrepreneurs. I have enjoyed meeting and working with Balloon Kenya fellows, seeing the different beautiful landscapes and learning about a different way of life…


But I was more concerned as to whether my being here in Kenya was worthwhile for the Kenyan entrepreneurs I came here to help! Because at the end of the 6 weeks, I would return to my home country and whatever has been done, the Kenyan entrepreneurs would have to live with the outcomes.

Nevertheless, being a part of Balloon Kenya has shown me that even with a small amount of investment, be it time, money or knowledge, you can help to change the outlook of a business. I also found that it would often be the simplest of ideas that could have the most effect on a business’ success. In all honesty, I felt as though I was doing those who I was working with no justice. But with the little or much that I had, and invested, they really appreciated the help.

By Jasmine Blake, 2013 Fellow