Just do it – If you dream it, you can achieve it

This has definitely been one of the most exciting and rewarding weeks so far. Groups have transitioned from being introduced to business tools and concepts in classes, to actively testing business ideas on the ground.


We have come a long way, from the initial stages of exploring and understanding the passion and interests of the groups we were assigned to. The week has been full of brainstorming and encouraging unique business ideas, establishing partnerships, intensively testing ideas, finding failures and watching the development of some truly amazing business ideas!

What struck me the most throughout my training in the first week,was that we do not need a lot of money and experience to start a business. Will and strategic methods of understanding and testing customer needs seem to be crucial when venturing on a start-up. This is reflected in what I have observed; my Kenyan group members challenge themselves and talk to potential partners and customers, break down assumptions and gain crucial information to kickstart their businesses.

I know I will be learning important life lessons in the remaining 2 weeks, working together with my talented Kenyan rafikis to realize their dream businesses. This summer in Kenya is a journey of personal growth and self-discovery, I am truly inspired by everyone around me and cannot wait to apply what I’ve learnt in Kenya to my own dreams and goals!


Written By Vivian Lam, 2013 Fellow