Great Expectations

Having returned from our weekend in Lalwet we were all pretty exhausted to say the least, but by Monday afternoon we were back to the task in hand and preparing for our first sessions


My first session took place on Tuesday morning out in the suburb of Lanet, with my partner David. The first shock was that so many of our group had arrived before us! Definitely feeling nervous, and somewhat doubting myself, we started to introduce ourselves and get to know a little about the seven Kenyans we would be working with for the next five weeks. Quickly it became clear that they were all intelligent and, above all, friendly individuals which made me relax immediately, although they definitely let us know of the high expectations they had of us! Introductions over, we moved onto explaining the Business Model Canvas which they all picked up in no time at all.

After a productive couple of hours is was time to head back to Nakuru to meet my second group with Aisling for their first session. Immediately the group seemed very different to the one I had been with that morning, but after chatting and a bit more time it was clear they were just as enthusiastic as the others.

Having spent more time with each group since it has become increasingly clear how much each and everyone of them is giving up in order to make the most of this opportunity and how much it means to them which is definitely motivation for me to do my best to meet their expectations. I look forward to seeing where the next four weeks takes us!

Written By Lavinia Hicks, Fellow 2013