New Perspectives on My Hometown

On the 22nd of June, I was full of mixed emotions. I was feeling very anxious and nervous at one moment and the next I was suddenly feeling excited and motivated. After months of anticipation and preparation, Balloon Kenya was finally starting. Balloon Kenya’s vision is simple: they aim to improve lives of Kenyans by helping young Kenyan entrepreneurs set-up businesses.

Balloon Kenya Sessions -Nakuru

So far the experience has been incredibly insightful. I have lived in Nakuru all my life and never ventured into certain part of town or spoken to the people that spend the majority of their time in these parts of town. The programme has encouraged me to approach and talk to these people and I feel like I am gaining a broader understanding of local societal dynamics.

Our intensive week long training has helped me to develop a sound grounding in entrepreneurship and start-up business. Through my practical experiences I have come to realise the difficulty in developing new businesses and am enthused by the challenges that are presented.

The most memorable moment so far for me, has been meeting an upcoming rapper who rhymes in Kiswahili. He mentioned that he struggled to engage people. This gave me the opportunity to apply what I had learnt in the training and pass on some key information about identifying and developing customer archetypes. Although small, I felt amazing that I was able to positively contribute.   

Written By Nirmal Raithang, Fellow 2013