Kiran’s blog

Made it to Nakuru in one piece after an arduous 27 hour journey from London! Dazed and excitable we jumped into a tuk-tuk to complete the final leg of our journey to home for the next 3 months. On first impressions I was slightly baffled as to why I could feel myself shivering and why I could see my breath… surely Kenya was supposed to be hot!

I’m Kiran and I’ll be working for Balloon Kenya for the next few months. I was drawn to the project because of it’s keen agenda to build a young self-sustaining workforce in Kenya. The model they have designed is based on collaboration and facilitation; it steers well clear from the mainstream, top-down approach most development organisation use and I feel this is a step in the right direction. It not only addresses the issues young Kenyans are facing but addresses the employability issues on a global level; a sense of common ground is established which I think is key for attempting to rebuild a flawed relationship Kenya, amongst other African countries has with the West.

It’s been busy so far, we had our first meeting with Hope and Vision last week, which proved to be very informative and was a great opportunity for the committee members to poke fun at my severely bad grasp of Swahili! The first set of Fellows arrived on the 22nd June and they have already completed their week long intensive business training.

We spent the weekend in Lalwat, a small community village just outside town. Lalwat gave us the opportunity to gain insight into what life is like for the rural communities in Nakuru as well as try some of the sought after ugali! Lalwat was quite a humbling experience and  one that I’m sure I will not forget in a hurry!

I am looking forward to getting to know Nakuru better and excited about the prospect of watching the participant led projects materialise over the next few weeks. With the calibre of individuals currently participating on the programme, I am sure that we are going to see some very exciting things happen!