Learning from uncertainty

Uncertainty is a large part of the journey towards a business idea, and the importance of the concept has been emphasized throughout our first two weeks in Kenya.

As a case in point, we have been set a number of tasks built around observing our new environment and talking to local people. Though I feel I have gained sufficient knowledge in sessions to allow me to carry out these tasks, it has been much harder than anticipated. There have definitely been times that I have felt confused or frustrated.

On reflection, I am convinced that I’ve learnt more as a result of the struggle. For example, one particularly challenging task involved us interviewing young mothers about their approach to childcare. It was quite a daunting a prospect!

But this is exactly the sort of thing we will be expecting Kenyan groups to do when completing out of class assignments. If we really want to understand the apprehensions and uncertainties that they might feel, it’s important to experience similar circumstances. Simply being told how to complete the tasks would deprive us of this important insight. So I got on with it and did my best.

I can’t wait to see how this approach feeds into my work over the next six weeks.