Songa Mbele – Business Testing

Water Kiosk:

Today I went to Kaptembwo, a slum settlement on the outskirts of Nakuru, with one of my group members from Songa Mbele to investigate the availability of water in the area.

Firstly we spent some time observing people around the current water source for the community where I observed that women are the main collector of water in the family. One woman that I interviewed said she had bought 100 Litres bottles of water in five 20 Litre bottles. She then had to carry these one by one the 500m slog home. I tried myself to carry these bottles and after a few strides I was in pain.

Water in this rural community costs 2 shillings per 20 Litres but the lack of water points means some people have to walk up to 5km from home to collect it. Our youth Group Songa Mbele saw this as a great business opportunity. For the rest of the morning I rode around on Oloo’s Pikipiki (motorbike) looking at potential locations for a Songa Mbele’s water kiosk.

Songa Mbele have arranged a meeting on with the Mayor of Nakuru next week where we will be discussing the locations and current availability of water sources in Kaptembwo.

I really hope this business proves to be a success because not only will it be a great venture for Songa Mbele but it will also improve the welfare of their local community by providing a new water source in this poverty stricken area.

Finding Signatures

Another Songa Mbele venture is to turn their Boda Boda service (bicycle taxi) into a Boda Boda Courier Service. This is a great innovation to their current resource as half the group own Boda Boda’s (bicyles) and half the group own Pikipikis (motocycle).

As an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we went to local businesses to see if they had a need for our service. We explained the service, how we would provide it, that our Value Proposition was trust and that we will be strategically located around Nakuru, so as to reduce the time between the business calling and the service being provided.

In the space of one hour we spoke to six businesses and received seven phone numbers of potential clients, who, they next time they need a delivery or a service alike, they will call Songa Mbele.

One business is even providing business for Songa Mbele this afternoon. So currently the MVP is off the ground!