The Balloon Difference

I have learned more at Balloon Kenya’s training course in 2 weeks than I did in an entire Entrepreneurship module I took at the University of Exeter. To be fair, I learned a lot in University – just not much I can actually apply. I came out of there knowing how to analyze the market like a pro, write an impressive business plan, attract millions in venture capital, and how to launch a successful IPO! We were just one great idea away from launching multibillion enterprises. Unfortunately, nobody in University teaches you how to come up with great ideas.

Balloon Kenya completely changed my view of entrepreneurship. Most importantly it gave me tools to identify genuine opportunities and how to construct innovative business models to profit from them. Design thinking is a big aspect of the course here. Entrepreneurship is a process, which is why business plans are not terribly useful. Rather than creating products for people, you learn to develop business models with your prospective customers. Test your assumptions in the real world before launching your business! It will save you time and money. Balloon’s curriculum provides you with the tools you need to brainstorm effectively, immerse yourself and conduct constructive market research, and design Minimum Viable Products. Using these tools you will fail early, and that’s ok! You will get unexpected insights into markets and truly understand your customers’ needs by getting customer feedback before you launch. That enables you to come up with solutions tailored to your prospective customers and provide genuine value. Everything else follows.

– Niklas Bargstedt