Balloon Kenya is go!

We have arrived in Nakuru and are making final arrangements for the first ever group of Balloon Fellows to arrive on Sunday.

We had a very exciting meeting yesterday with Hope and Vision where they presented to us the groups they had selected. For those of you new to our story Hope and Vision are the co-operative we partner with to do the recruitment and selection of Kenyan youth to join the Balloon Programme.

They initially had a list of 30 youth groups, which they whittled down to 18 after meeting the young men and women and watching them in action. Then they visited these 18 again and had a longer discussion with the group members. Eventually they came to 8 youth groups for our Enterprise Fellows to work with.

Their selection criteria was

  •    Group commitment
  •    Accessibility
  •    Gender sensitivity
  •    Proper records/book-keeping

And the 8 groups selected in no particular order are:

  1. Mwariki youth group
  2. Pamoja milele group
  3. Songa mbele group
  4. Uprising comedians
  5. Person with disability in Nakuru
  6. Golden hope group
  7. Flyer musica
  8. Nakuru youth with disability

Reading this list you’ll notice 2 disability groups. Hope and Vision were very clear that they wanted to include the disabled as Balloon Kenya “is a project that needs to be open to all.” We think it’s fantastic.

We also have a group of recent school leavers, one of young couples, one of comedians, one of musicians and two mixed activity groups. It’s certainly going to be an interesting 8 weeks in Kenya!


P.S. All else has gone well apart from the accommodation manager is refusing to give us a cooker or any plates until the Fellows arrive because we are “paying too little.” So last night we ate jam sandwiches off a frisbee prepared with a pen-knife. Welcome back!