“Don’t take a job… Make a job!”

On the day when the lastest unemployment figures were announced I just wanted to write a quick comment.

As many of you know we have just returned from a very successful pilot in Kenya. For me, the most exciting developments during this trip had to do with the the evolution of our model. In particular what graduates will do when they finish their time in Kenya and return home.

To give you a quick flavour of our plans, when the graduates return to the UK with newfound skills, experience and confidence we will team them up with expert business mentors. Then for the next 3 months they will work in teams developing business ideas that will have impact in the UK. At the end of this period they will pitch to our fund (for which we have already raised £5000) and the best ideas receive funding. Thus, as well as creating jobs in Kenya our programme will now also generate employment in the UK.

I certainly don’t believe our approach is the only approach and plenty of other organisations are doing fantastic things but I do strongly believe that creative models for employment generation need to be imagined because the old methods clearly aren’t working. Youth unemployment in Spain is currently 46%, in Italy it is 30%, in Kenya it is 50%, in the UK it is 22%. We all need to be proactive in tackling this issue before another generation of youth are ‘lost.’

Our solution focuses centrally on building a global generation of youth who are job creators rather than job seekers. We are not going to solve the world’s economic problems alone, but we hope our innovative approach – believing in young people to do amazing things – will have a significant global impact.