Lakota Sioux

This was a story that I really liked that I recently read at the end of a book by M. Michalko called Thinkertoys (great book by the way.) I’m not sure how much this story has to do with KenyaWorks so forgive me, I just thought it was a nice tale. It goes like this…


An old Sioux warrior had 8 magnificent horses. One night, during a great storm, they all escaped. The other warriors came to comfort him. They said, “How unlucky you are. You must be very angry to have lost your horses.”

“How do you know that?” he asked.

The next day the eight horses returned bringing with them twelve new stallions. The warriors returned and joyously announced that now the old warrior must be very happy.

“Why?” was his response.
“Because now you are even richer than before.” They responded.
“How do you know?” he again responded.

The following morning, the warrior’s young son got up early to break the new horses in. He was thrown and broke both his legs. The warriors came, once more, and talked about how angry the old warrior must be at his misfortune and how terrible it was for the boy to break both his legs.

“How do you know?” the warrior said once more.

Two weeks passed. Then the chief announced that all able-bodied men and boys must join a war party to fight against a neighbouring tribe. The Lakotas won but at great cost, as many men and young boys were killed. When the remaining warriors returned, they told the old warrior that it was lucky his son had two broken legs, otherwise he could have been killed or injured in the great battle.

“How do you know?” the old warrior replied.