What’s an idea worth…

So I thought I had this brilliant idea but now what. In the last few years I’ve had a few good business ideas but never done anything about them. But this one felt different mainly because I had some contacts and links to make it happen. Afterall I was working at the Young Foundation (YF) who specialise in social enterprise. So if I could only get them on board and get them to support the idea I thought I would be away.

I went to work the next day and arranged a couple of meetings to pitch my idea. I think it was a Thursday so I arranged a test run with Cynthia on the Monday. I had always thought very highly of Cynthia and whenever I worked with her she was very thoughtful and considered so I wanted to get her opinion first. Then on the following day I arranged to meet and pitch my idea to Andrea, who is one of the Directors and is in charge of the YF’s international work. In my mind, if I could only win her support then surely I was away.

After arranging these meetings I went home for the weekend and worked feverously on my pitch. I enjoy using powerpoint and I think when it’s used well it’s a great medium to express an idea so I made up a very pretty looking presentation with pictures and lists of potential partners and a series of questions. I really wanted to tell a story of why I was focusing on certain social issues and how I arrived at a solution. I think this is key. You want to bring people into the story slowly and then build and build to a conclusion. You need to show how and why your thoughts have developed and show your energy and passion. I also tried to demonstrate why I supporting this idea would be great for the YF. This is also key when you make a pitch. You have to show what’s in it for them. You have to inspire your audience to invest in you not just because they love what you’re doing but also because it makes great business sense for them. Overall, I was happy with the final presentation.

So on Monday I headed to the YF and pitched to Cynthia and she loved the idea and gave me some great feedback and suggestions. And then on Tuesday I met with Andrea and she too really liked it. She said she would speak with the boss and get back to me in a few days but she was hopeful.

My internship finished the next day and I left feeling content that I had made full use of the opportunity. I had a good feeling that the YF was going to support my idea and I was delighted by the thought that I could be getting paid to develop a hugely ambitious social enterprise. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more!